What the deuce?

Time to go home….

I didn’t plan on writing this at 5PM but here I am writing an another entry. I’m off in 30 minutes and my brain/body has been on overdrive all day, it seems. And this quote fit kinda well at the moment.

The first picture I see in this folder full of quotes is this one: I always read these and let it sink in so I can really see what the person who said this was trying to say.

To tell you the truth, I don’t ever know if the quote/picture/person is correct. I just jump blindly because that seems to be the rule of the internet.

So what’s the lesson for the day? Keep going. No matter how much you think you want to give up you just have to keep pushing. I find myself killing a few minutes here and there. I’m not a work horse but sometimes when I’m shooting the shit for far too long I feel like I just wasted time for no damn reason.

But you have to remind yourself that sometimes some things need to be done in order to push forward and beyond and strive for success.

But then we get into a conversation of ‘what is success?’

Well whatever it is you’re doing, you just have to keep pushing because there’s another person doing the exact same thing and is probably doing it better. So make sure you don’t look like you’ve given up and keep pushing to make others look bad. :P

Getting old sucks

I mean, it does.

I hate it when I start staring at my watch wanting time to go faster. You’re trying to speed up time? For what? To go home and watch TV?

Every time I see people speeding on the freeway or driving erratically in rush hour traffic, I always think that they better have a pregnant lady in that car.

Who the fuck are you fooling? You’re gonna go home and do nothing. Don’t pretend like you’re in a rush for something amazing.

So going back to my original point/picture. Why are we so caught up on time? I’d love to not give a fuck about getting older. Just live life the only way you can.

I think we have this notion that if we have a control on time, we can accomplish great things. I’m sure we’re wrong on this.

I feel like we’re robots, plugged into this system that needs to keep living and breathing. Almost like we’re parasites.

There is no logic to why we do the things we do, we just do them. We look for meaning in it so we don’t feel like our lives our wasted.

I don’t like time. It makes me feel old and I’m getting older. But the older I get the wiser I become.

Jesus Christ I’m not making any sense, huh?

Yet another rant.

Being 26 is a funny year. 25 is cool as hell because you’re 25 and 1/2 to 50. Then you hit 26 and realize that 30 is on the horizon.

When I was younger I used to be fair and kind and equal to everyone.

Then something happens.

You start to realize that idiots are everywhere.

Those stupid ignorant kids you grew up with and played with on the playground. The kids that you ignored cause they were weird or smelly/gross.

Well you were right to do so. Cause guess what? Those weird kids grew up and didn’t die. They joined the regular population and now roam around this Earth doing stupid things and saying stupid things.

So I’ve turned into a sort of jerk.

It seems like society has a problem with this. But nice guys really do finish last. Sometimes you have to be the one who throws the first punch.

Damn. I feel like I’m totally wrong with this. :P

Save the world. Sell your soul.

I was in the car with my brother who is working to eradicate cancer. (He’s sort of smart… don’t tell him I said that)

He’s sort of having a dilemma. Something in the lines of, if I can cure cancer… would I make money or give out the formula to help out the world?

I told him about this guy (Salk) and how this guy was so nice to rid a disease and basically did it for free, etc.

He made me realize that this man did not do this out of the kindness of his heart, which we all think about right now. Sure he could have become a billionaire and generations later, fade away into obscurity.

He did the opposite, missed out on all that moolah, but in return, solidified his legacy. Because of this move, grants and scholarships were named after him. Buildings erected in his name. A hero in the eyes of the world.

I guess alterior motives are part of the plan.

I still suspect he had some shred of humanity, ergo, walking away from all that money. But you can’t help but wonder if this intelligent person didn’t think long and hard and the pros and cons of what he was going to do.

Breaking Up

It sure sucks, doesn’t it?

Of course, I’m 26 right now and these rules don’t apply to me anymore. I do remember High School vividly and remember liking someone and they ended up getting a BF and I thought my love life was over.

Or even after a break-up, it just felt like there was nothing to be had with life.

"What? I can’t hold anyone’s hand or make-out anymore??"

Jesus man!

But even recently, I went through a break-up and I took it in stride. Realized that life is life and you have to move on. 

What’s the point of moping around?

There’s a huge issue if you have kids and you end up breaking up with your partner/get a divorce. That just means you suck at life and just fucked up a kid’s life or two (seriously)

But the end of a relationship isn’t the end of the world. I always rectified this by going out and getting drunk. The best times and moments I’ve had have been under the influence of alcohol.

I didn’t drown myself in a bottle every night, but every weekend and maybe once or twice during the week was enough for me to forget my problems and move on.

Sooner or later, that person becomes a memory, or you end up getting back together. We’re all different. No love story is the same. There are rarely any fairy-tale endings nowadays because of the society we live in.

Unfortunately, people will never realize this until it’s too late.

For those of you going through a break-up. Just know that the right person is out there for you, you just haven’t found that person yet. You’re not looking hard enough.

I have a folder….

It’s full of pictures that are quite inspirational quotes.

I’ll save these in a folder and sometimes wonder why I keep saving these pictures. When you see a great quote that inspires you; you shouldn’t be an ass about it and keep it to yourself, you need to share that shit!

So this week’s picture includes Calvin and Hobbes. I’m not a fucking genius. I’m not sure why someone decided to slap a picture of a chopped down tree when this quote is about productivity.

They should have attached a quote about us destroying the planet? Or maybe about childhood memories being destroyed by our adult manners?

Either way….

We all seem to have to do a million and one things each day. It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed, on vacation or on the toilet.

Usually we always need to be doing something.

I remember when I was unemployed (which happened a lot) I would wake up around 10 or 11 A.M. and watch some mindless TV. Usually Wendy Williams show, I Love Lucy, the news, any stupid boring ass judge show.

After awhile, I’d start searching for jobs/applying on Craigslist hoping for a bite.

That’d last a good hour. Then I’d play video games for several hours and spend my time jumping between these activities.

I always hated it. I rarely got any sun. I was too broke to drive anywhere cause gas prices always fucks you over so I couldn’t really use my time to explore my city I remember getting the worst B.O. ever after playing Xbox for a few hours.

Even now. I see/have dealt with co-workers who can contribute a lot more if they stopped walking around aimlessly or pretended to work.

So maybe by avoiding what we’re supposed to be doing, we really avoid responsibility and leadership.

If I get tired of sitting, I get up and start doing something that has me moving things, boxes, whatever it is.

By the time the day is over, I’ll walk away satisfied that I didn’t waste so much time doing nothing.

Stop and smell the roses….

Every now and then I’m so caught up in life. Paying bills, pumping gas, budgeting myself, etc. It’s always nice to sometimes take a time out and re-evaluate your life and see where it’s headed.

It seems we all make it a habit to just forget what purpose we serve in life. Sure, your life can take any direction, at any point. You can ultimately have a child and that would end up changing your perspective and goals in life, right? You could get into a nasty car crash and lose an appendage. You can have a meteor kill you from space….

I think in this day and age, with so much stress, so little opportunity and so many expectations, we all want everything right now. I know I’m guilty of this. I’m 26 and I would love to be out of debt and afford everything my greedy little hands could buy. But then I see people that are decades older and have that and realize that they worked for it. We forget sometimes because of social media/famous people that being famous/rich overnight is very rare.

You have to earn things. And I remember this one quote from a song “I’d rather work for a paycheck than win the lottery” which I agree with.

I need to go to the beach and fly a kite.

How I feel about the po-po

How I feel about the po-po

What the hell?

So I just joined this tumblr thing and I feel like an old man… just fiddling around touching things. Squinting at the screen. Adjusting my glasses. Probably looking at the screen harder than I should.

If I see a risque picture I say to myself in a hushed tone "Oh Dear…" I sound very frail.

But I’m not. I’m 26 and have created like 3 different blogs from 3 different sites in the past week.

Not simply for the lack of enthusiasm but because I get bored and haven’t found the right fit/blog site for me.

Hell, I even ran into an old blog I wrote back in 2010. So now I feel like I’m shitting all over the internet trying to find some identity online… which of course is extremely hard in this day and age.

It seems like whoever you try to be, (even yourself) has already been taken. Whatever you try to post has already been posted. That video you just saw and was hilarious? You re-post it and there’s that asshole that’s like “Yeah, saw this yesterday/last week/last year…. it’s so funny”…

BITCH! Is this you making yourself seem cool by making it seem like I’m late to the party?

So this is what I mean. The internet has people second guessing themselves. So what if someone sounds/talks like you? Might as well just do things your own way and pray for the best.

Whatever I make of this, I’ll try hard to actually follow through this time.



Good question tumblrbot. There’s really too many continents/countries/cities/remote areas to list.

I’ve always had a deep fascination with Ancient Egypt so maybe start there… after all the violence settles down, of course. :P